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Date: Tue Aug 6, 2002 9:22 pm

Subject: RDH UNDER ONE ROOF CHICAGO 2002 (sponsored by RDH Magazine) TRIP REPORT!

Hi all my Dental Friends....

At the risk of being long winded I am going to try to have you all feel as if
you were with me this past Friday and Saturday at RDH UOR in Chicago...
It was phenomenal...what a wonderful experience for not only myself but all
of the 350 hygienists from 38 states and 2 countries.
Yes....there were two ladies there from Canada and England and we also had
two male hygienists ( one of which I got to know from WA ).

The speakers were all contributors of articles to RDH magazine and we were
all familiar with them. Their subject matter ranged from ergonomics by our
own Anne Guignon, RDH, to new products by Kristine Hodsdon, RDH. Other
speakers were Dianne Glasscoe, RDH , Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, Trisha O'Hehir,
RDH, Joen Harding, DDS., Chris Miller, PhD, and Kathleen Adams, RDH.
In between the speakers ( who incidentally spoke to us not at us ) there were
short presentations by the companies who sponsored them. Nothing was done in
a way to be insulting nor to take up our time with wasted information. It was
all valuable and wonderful as well as beautifully presented.

The speaker's presentations were 90 minutes in length and none went overtime
nor did anyone start late. The entire weekend ran on time.
There were two cocktail parties, two luncheons, afternoon snacks and of
course coffee and tea and juice every AM,
The RDH staff made themselves very visible and mingled with all of us as if
we were one. This was from the publishers on down to just folks there to make
things run smoothly.....no one upmanship this past weekend...everyone was on
an even keel or so it seemed. It was a powerful learning experience to say
the least as well as an observation of people skills and interactions.

The exhibitors were thrilled to be presenting to " hygienists only " and did
a beautiful job of presenting their products as well as were so knowledgeable
on their products that it made it most interesting to go around to the
different exhibits.

The number in attendance ( 350 ) made one able to mingle with quite a few
persons and meet many new acquaintances.
The set up of the dining room was done in such a way that one would be able
to mingle if they wanted to as well.

Door prizes galore were given out. Awards were made to 8 hygienists who won
the Butler Contest and were brought to Chicago by Butler ( look for the
article in an upcoming RDH magazine by Cathy Alty, RDH ).

All in all it was a wonderful learning weekend but one that made it so so

Now onto Chicago...

The hotel , the Palmer House was amazing....a magnificent building and the
lobby was just so full of history and ambiance at the same time.
No Mafia around nor checkered hatted policemen ( although Marty [my hubby]
was looking hard for them...but WHAT A CITY...

Having never been to Chicago before we were the real tourists...
We did Old Navy Pier, a boat ride around Lake Michigan, fireworks from out in
the middle of the lake, the John Hancock building,the Sears tower, shopping
especially at the original Marshall Fields, the Art Institute ( and what a
wonderful Reinhardt exhibit ) , an architectural boat tour of the entire
city...wow...what we learned about who designed what, when things were built,
and why they face specific ways, etc. and of course fine , fine dining.....

The only set back for us ( and since we did NO DRIVING ) was the traffic and
how they all drive...but as I said ...we walked our little and big feet
off...enjoyed a wonderful city....and just had a wonderful time. We even took
in " Moving Out " the musical to Billy Joel's music that is on its way to
NYC....it was magical .

We also took ourselves to the ADA Joint Commission offices and the ADHA
offices ...wow...they are really something...
The ADA not as impressive as the ADHA ones though....although all the people
at both were delightful.....

Well we are now home....settling in...getting caught up on all the list
emails...and personal and business ones too....and then back to reality...
But whenever I am down at this point...I will reread this article and take
myself back to " ole Chicago" no Pat...not " Virginny" and just smile as I
say....see you all I hope at next year's RDH UOR......there will be two ..one
in Feb. in Vegas and one in Chicago in July or Aug.
Save up...think about coming...we can meet as listers and enjoy a drink or
meal together ...and just have a ball while learning at the same time...

Thanks for indulging me this time....

Your friend
Jane Weiner, RDH

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