"Surfing With Jane"     
During the years that I have had this wonderful invention (my "puter," as I like to call it), a world of information has been opened up to me.  Please E-Mail Me your favorite websites.

  Here are some of my favorite websites:


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American Dental Hygienists'

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Margaret Feherenbach's Site (Dental Hygiene Education)
WHY I LIKE IT: By a wonderful Dental Hygiene Educator. Designed for hygienists and students with the most intensive dental links page to be found anywhere.
VISIT SITE: http://www.dhed.net

Dental Decks
WHY I LIKE IT: Flash Cards to help you study for the Dental Boards!
VISIT SITE: http://www.dentaldecks.com/Pages/Default.aspx

Julie Kagan, RDH, BS, MEd (Author of Mind Your Body: Pilates for the Seated Professtional)
WHY I LIKE IT: So helpful in lengthening one's years comfortably in the profession. Reap Juli's knowledge.
VISIT SITE: http://julikagan.com

Dental One
WHY I LIKE IT: It is an excellent placement service in the Broward and Palm Beach counties
VISIT SITE: http://dentalonestaffing.com/


Quit Smoking Community

WHY I LIKE IT: Helps raise awareness of smoking's impact on dental health
VISIT SITE: https://QuitSmokingCommunity.org

Pascal International

WHY I LIKE IT: Dental products for dental professionals
VISIT SITE: http://www.pascalinternational.net/Initial.aspx


WHY I LIKE IT: Quality Loupes for dental professionals
VISIT SITE: http://www.q-optics.com/

Oral Health America

WHY I LIKE IT:Works towards decreasing risks of oral health problems
VISIT SITE: https://oralhealthamerica.org/

NOVA SE University College of Dental of Medicine
WHY I LIKE IT: Wonderful Bachelor and Master's Degree Programs
VISIT SITE: http://www.nsu.nova.edu

USA Accredited Dental Hygiene Schools
WHY I LIKE IT: Nice resource by ADHA
VISIT SITE: http://www.adha.org/careerinfo/dir_education.htm

Dental Hygienist Schools and Programs
WHY I LIKE IT: Educaion site
VISIT SITE: https://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/medical-and-health/dental-hygiene/

RDH Magazine
WHY I LIKE IT: High Quality free magazine for dental hygienists.

Procter and Gamble Free CE Credits
WHY I LIKE IT: Over 30 hours of free online courses offered. Study at your own pace. Print out your CE certificate upon passing.
VISIT SITE: http://www.dentalcare.com\

WHY I LIKE IT: Nice dental jobs site.
VISIT SITE: http://www.dentaljobs.net