Thanks Everyone For Your Kind Words,
They Make My Day!   Jane Weiner

"I want to give a big thank you to Jane Weiner for all the useful information and her time this weekend!!!!! I am ready to do this!!!!!" A.L. Iowa

"Just a little note to say how thankful I am to have had the pleasure of being able to attend your boards review this weekend. You were both extremely knowledgable and informative and I greatly appreciate it. " M.B., FL

"This letter is sent to you with MANY, MANY thanks! I finally did it. I passed the dental hygiene exam that I took in March. I owe you so much more than you could ever imagine. You gave me the proper tools and confidence I needed to pass the exam. Being out of school for three years was hard enough, but after meeting with you and receiving your material and all of your help, I did it!  You gave me both the courage and the confidence to keep trying. I only wish I had taken your course right away because I failed the boards 7 times before I passed. Once again, thank you so much. I would recommend your course to anyone." Keep in touch. MANY heart felt thanks! D.V., WI

"I wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent board review course in Plantation, FL this past January. I used your review guide as my primary source to study for the national board exam. I received my results today. I earned a 95%. I did better in all categories than the national average, and excelled in most. Thank you again for your help." E. H., FL

"I attended your board review in Jan-Feb at the University of New Haven and I just took the National Boards on Tuesday. I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything. Without having that review with you, I don't think that I would've gone into the boards with as much confidence as I did! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're like an angel to all of us at Tunxis Community College that attended. Thank you and your staff again for everything." J.D. , CT

"Just a quick note to thank you for your time and interest in the students who attended your recent review in Wytheville. I appreciate mostly your warmth and sincere concern for us as we prepare for the Boards. The review gave me insight into how to prepare myself and concrete direction into getting organized for some serious studying. Thank you again." C.G., N.C., Central Piedmont CC

"I am a student at WVU Tech. I recently attended your board review class in Morgantown and it was wonderful. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I feel much better as I am starting to study for the boards. I will definitely not forgot you after the boards." A.B., WV

"I want to thank you very much for helping me pass the National Dental Hygiene Boards. I am so very glad that I heard of you and your class. The class was excellent, and the materials were right on target. There was nothing that I could have added after taking the test, as your materials were so complete and thorough." S.D., FL

"Thank you for all your help and support I couldn't have done it with out you" J.D., MA

"Thank you so much for the fantastic class. I appreciate the well organized and casual, intimate atmosphere that made learning and review palatable. I thank you so much for your commitment and sincere interest in each and every one of us. I've much to review and now I have a better grasp of how to accomplish this seemingly daunting task in the 12 weeks ahead." D.M. OR

"Just wanted to let you know that everyone that attended your review "aced" the morning stand alone questions." L.T. FL

"Thank you SO much for such an incredible course! I'm so happy that I flew down to attend. I feel much better about everything now. Your notebook has been great, but to actually go through it with you yesterday was the best!" KRP VA

"Jane, Thanks for such a helpful, positive, encouraging , insightful weekend. We appreciate you greatly!, Thanks, Wytheville Community College DH Class 2002."

"Jane, The students continue to say such positive things about your sincere and helpful course. They really were impressed with your knowledge in all aspects and your ability to help them with the information and the study tips. All that I have talked with say the course was worth every penny they paid for the course. Thank you again for coming to Morgantown." J.H., WV

"WE DID IT!!!!!! WE could not have had the confidence to pass without your support and love." Lindy and Kelly

"I would like to thank you again for helping our daughter pass her boards. She has been working two years in the field. Jane we think about you all the time. You will always be special to our family." RM

"We both passed. When I received it I looked up at the sky and said "God, if I passed it's because of you and Jane and if I didn't, it's because I'm stupid." So, "thanks", and I'm not too stupid. We both thank you so very much." VA

"My oh my', are all of you in for a treat next weekend! I have just returned from the Board Review course and it was fabulous. I feel confident that y'all will return after the weekend confident that you will pass the National Board with flying colors. Ms. Weiner and staff will give you all kinds of tips on how to study for the Board and your confidence will soar after you meet them." Instructor's review to students at Clayton College, GA

"Let me begin by saying how appreciative I am for your contribution to the dental hygiene field. I recently attended your review course in Atlanta on Jan. 19-21. Thank you for helping, supporting, and encouraging us (hygiene students)!" CM, Atlanta 2001

"Dearest Jane, Hoping you're well, Again THANKS a million for allowing me to seat for the review, It was, again, EXCELLENT Your course is FANTASIC. You treat all of us as if we were your children, which we are in a way. !!!" Enrique Mendez, DDS Columbia

"Just a note to let you know that I received my board results today and I passed." THANK YOU VERY MUCH. D.S. (FL)

"Just wanted to let you know that I am now officially a Registered Dental Hygienist! Thank you very much for all of your help." M.L. (FL)

"Jane I couldn't have done it without you." L.T. (Texas)

"Thank you for EVERYTHING. I was starting to think that caring people like you didn't exist any more." Kelly, (student NJ)

"Please keep up this excellent work you have been doing. I know you have helped so many by sharing your knowledge, kindness and care. Angels don't always have visible wings" Claudia ( student FL)

"Jane, Many thanks for all you did this weekend. Tough as it's going to be to prioritize time for study, I came away from the weekend feeling that it's all attainable. I have confidence. I hope to become your 'oldest out of school success story'." Jan (hygienist CT)

"Back in 1968 I took the National Board Exams. I remember nothing about it except fear and exhaustion. Faced with taking it again, I had no idea where to begin studying. When I first glanced at your notebook realized in horror, I remembered next to nothing. I must say that after this weekend, I feel CONFIDANT, almost excited, to take the exam. Because of the incredible research you have done, I now know where to begin, how to begin and what to do to be successful, what a gift!" Jo Anne ( Hygienist MD )

"I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me and others. You provided me with the strength and courage I needed to get through this last year of studying and it paid off!" Kelly (Student NJ)

"Thank you so much, You have made things more simplified and logical. It was like learning how to study and develop good study habits. You have been such an inspiration. I have never met anyone like yourself whom is so dedicated and dearly love her profession. You compassionately believe in what you do (helping others) sharing your ideals, skills, experience, and knowledge is a god sent person. You are such a motivational speaker." Felecia (D.C. Student)

"You are a very sincere person and it really shows that you truly care about everyone involved and in what you do. I felt very special to be a apart of your class and I have a lot more confidence in myself." Robin( NJ Student)

"Your knowledge on the subjects are greatly appreciated. The rest of the Georgia girls enjoyed the course as well. We were all very impressed with your determination and support. Your review course has really changed my outlook on my study habits for the better. You have made me a strong student when facing the National Boards." Lindy, (Georgia Student)

"Jane, Thank you so very much for all of your help. It is so kind of you to give your time to help other hygienists." Shelly (hygienist FL)

"Jane, I don't know where to begin to thank you! You are a very wonderful, special lady and I am very blessed to have found you." Cindy (hygienist MI)

"Thanks Jane, you're truly a blessing" Trudy (hygienist, MI)

"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful course. Both the National and the State. Thank you for guiding me in the proper direction and for all your support." Beth (student, FL.)

"I never received this kind of direction, support or concern for my success from any one else during my training or career. You have so very much to offer and the incredible lengths you go to in helping others is surely a blessing. I owe my success in passing Nationals again, and getting through the Florida Boards with such direction and organization to you!" Cindy, (RDH, Florida)

"My gratitude is endless for all the help and kindness you've given me. You are an excellent instructor, I learned so much from you and you really helped to put my mind at ease for the exams." Zsana (student, Utah)

"I teach in the School of Health Science, Department of Dental Hygiene. My students have raved about your reviews! " Elaine Greene, M.Ed., RDH, (Clayton College, Georgia)

"You gave me all that is needed for the boards.  Now I have to see what I can do with it. I am still studying and will do my best on the boards.  Please Pray for me on that big day!!!! You have given me confidence when nobody else could and I will be forever grateful for you coming into my life. Well, I probably cannot explain in words how much you have done for me. I would like you to know that you have made a difference and touched my life in many ways. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you." D.L. (student)

"Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. Couldn't have done it without you!" With Love, E.O. from MI

"I just wanted to let you know that the course was a big help. It helped me to know a lot of the answers to the multiple choice question right away, and that really boosted my confidence when taking the test." L.B.  from FL (student)

" Just wanted you to know that the study schedule was a big help and that the review was just that a wonderful review of the subjects that I had already been exposed to in school ." Thanks....R.G.  FL (student)

"Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the review this past weekend. It was awesome. I feel a lot better about the approaching boards. Your speakers were very good too. It was a real pleasure to finally meet you. You were everything I expected, and more!" Thanks again KM, Daytona Beach

"I think of you quite often and how lucky I was to have been directed your way for help." L.V. , FL

"Thank you for the board review class! It was great. I dont think i would of passed the written exam without the review." A.L. , IL

"I really appreciated your company, not to mention the moral support you gave me and have given me thru out this entire ordeal!!!" J.W., MA/FL

"I can't express enough how much your services were appreciated. The lecture was wonderful and your help was invaluable." K.D., PA

"jane, well, we got thru it!! thanks to you. i could never have done any of this if you had not been there." S.P., GA

"I want to again express my thanks to you . You can't possibly know the impact your class had on me and my confidence level. I can not get over what a well prepared and organized notebook you provided me to study from. By the time I took your review class I had learned the notebook and already felt prepared. It was such a relief to me to be familiar with the questions on the exam . I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you must take to ensure you get the information to the candidates correctly and in a timely fashion. I know it must take alot of work Jane I wanted to make sure you knew the impact you had on me." J.V., NY

"I have reflected a great deal over the past week. As I think about the factors that made this exam as stress-free as possible, my mind goes back to you."

"Thank you for a great review. Thank you for your encouraging words and the gift of time and a smile that you gave to each of us."

"I find you to be a very special person. All along life's path we meet many people. Some we forget quickly. Others we remember for a lifetime. You, I will remember for a lifetime!"

"Thank you for investing in Hygienists. Thank you for investing something special in my life." Y.M., KS

"Thank you so much for helping our students through the National and Florida state dental hygiene examinations." A.W., Director Manatee CC, FL

"Thanks again for all your help during a CRAZY time. You helped so with the confidence it took to do well on the NB." Armstrong College student , GA

"I just thought that I would take a second to touch base with you to let you know that EVERYONE that attended the review course from Kalamazoo Valley in Kalamazoo, Michigan passed the Nationals! I can only hope that the next group has as good of an experience as I (we) did in taking your review. Thank you so much!" BP, KVCC, MI

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful review the book was so helpful, without it I wouldn't have know where to start student Valencia CC, FL"

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed with an 85%. Thank you so much for the wonderful review course. It is because of you (and a lot of hard work)that I passed, thanks again." S.W. , MI

"THANKS A MILLION JANE for all your help....I for one couldn't have done it if it weren't for you." K.VD, Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me, helping me in so many ways to prepare for Nationals and the Florida boards. I have the utmost respect for you and your "calling" to help those in need of your invaluable services. " G.S., FL

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support and help through this very tough exam, I could not have done it without you, you are a real good role model and I don't think anything could have went smoother, I was so much more calm and collective thanks to you." L.M. , PA

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent presentations this weekend! I really, really enjoyed all the speakers and the material was very organized and easy to follow. I really appreciate all the work you have put into helping us pass this test. I can see it is a labor of love for you! Again, great job! Thank you so much! " M.L., FL

"I do feel very fortunate for your board review. It really boosted my confidence, because I do know the material." S.M., MO

"I have been waiting the longest time to write you this letter! WE DID IT! I FINALLY PASSED! I am in shock that it's over.....this is behind me. THANK-YOU JANE FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE, AND FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR SO MANY PEOPLE......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IT DOES PAY OFF." D.D., MS, LA

"Thanks again for the great review it helped so much." C.P., N.J.

"I can't thank you enough for offering such an informative review course. I look forward to taking your Florida review course in May." A.D., FL

"I wanted to tell you that all our latin group passed the exam and with very good notes and that we are all very thankful to you.You give a great course." K.H., FL

"This past week I got the results from the National Dental Hygiene board and passed with a grade of 86. This score is the result of many weeks of hard study and mostly from the teachings from your course which I had the privilege to take. Your course taught me the necessary elements that I needed to focus on in order to pass the National exam." A.S. , FL

"I was at your EXCELLENT review at UNH. I must say my whole class was so happy with it, Thank you so much. I especially am glad that I met you!" E.O., CT

"i just wanted to thank you for letting me take your board review on such short notice. Your AH weekend proved to be quite helpful. You're an amazing woman. I gained a lot of knowledge from you and your speakers." J.T., MI

"Thank you for that wonderful review that I took in Plantation, FL. I learned a lot plus I enjoyed the review and refreshed my knowledge. Thank you again for all the hard work you have done for us. May God bless you always..." I.L., FL.

"THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of your time and efforts. Your course really helped organize my study sessions and lead me to appropriate sources to find things." With sincere thanks. J.F., TN

"Thanks so much Jane. The course was comprehensive and without a doubt allowed me to be prepared." D.M., OR

"Everything that you told us was on the test and I want to thank you for that." C.B., GA

"I had been preparing for a long time and your review seminar was just awesome. It just cemented everything together for me. I would highly recommend your program to anyone." A.L., MI

"THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR BEING THERE FOR ME! After always emailing you to death with all kinds of questions and worries, you never grew tired of me. Thank you for all of your help--you are a great comfort and an excellent cheerleader in times of need." J.F., TN

"I scored the highest in my class. Incidentally, there were only two of us that took your course. So I think thats a pretty good testimonial for taking your course" S.O., FL

"I was in the top 20% of my class. Thank you so much for your review. Truthfully , that review was the only time I intensively studied for the boards. I really think it had a lot to do with how I did." R.T., FL

"Everyone came to your review and everyone passed! Thanks so much for your review course,we are all very excited!" . T. H., NC

"Thank you for you help and encouragement. All of the class passed." K.L., NV

"Thanks again for all that you have done for our students." A.W., FL

"I am sure you are hearing from many students right now, but I wanted to tell you that I passed the National with a 90%. I mainly studied your seminar material and then did the tests in the back of each Saunders review chapters. The 2 other dental hygiene students that took your class with me both passed with an 85%. I feel your course really helped." T.H. , OR

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like I said in the beginning, YOU ARE TRULY MY ANGEL!!!!!!!! It took me seven years to pass this exam and without your review I don't know what I would have done. I never worked so hard at anything in my life. THANK YOU AGAIN I OWE YOU!! PLEASE Please feel free to give people my number. I will be more than happy to encourage them the way you encouraged me. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!" D.D., CT

"I had to write and thank you for the great help you were to me with your course. I loved your enthusiasm and your willingness to help all of us pass our boards. I have a plan now in which to study." P.S., FL

"This past weekend I attended the NDBHB review which you conducted. I congratulate you and your team for fulfilling all my expectations. Your notes are excellent." A.E., S. America

"I was just writing to let you know that i passed my boards with flying colors!!! I know a lot had to do with your course and i am so grateful for the time you spend in diong that course. you are a wonderful person." Thanks again for the help. A.L., MI

"Thanks so much and thanks for the class. Your class launched me back into my career with a pride for the profession I never felt before. I've gone on to pursue hygiene to a much higher level." D.D., WI

"I just wanted to let you know how much the girls from CVCC enjoyed this weekend!!!! We were relieved to find out that we have in fact learned something in our classes. You have given us so much great information and now we have an idea of where to begin studying. We will be highly recommending this course for years to come." S.B., NC

"I attended the review at Forsyth this weekend. I really enjoyed your topics. You really seem to lay everything out in an understandable format. Again thank you for your help, you are a very positive speaker and made me feel at ease when you spoke!!" P.D., MA

"I enjoyed being inspired by you this weekend. You were able to educate and motivate all of us. I look forward to crossing paths with you in the future." J.P., MA

" I took one of your board review classes last year and wanted to thank you first of all because I did great thanks to your review session! It is what I needed to get me motivated and focused for those long hours of studying! I can tell you, it was definitely worth every hour. I love being a hygienist! " S.R., MI

"Your course was great,very organized. I appreciate your note and look forward to talking with you in the future. Thanks again for your help." K. K., PA

"Last weekend was the MOST worthwhile weekend I have spent in a VERY long time. Your choice of speakers was wonderful.... I learned sooo much! B.C., Maine

"I along with my classmates attended your board review in Wytheville,VA. We attended Catawaba Valley Community College in Hickory NC. I just wanted to let you know that we all just recently graduated and this past week found out that we all past the national boards. On behalf of our class I would like to thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication you put in to your board reviews. We could not have done it with out your help. Thank you so much! L.D., N.C. "

"Last night I got together with a bunch of RDH's from CPCC who took your course with me and they were so impressed with how helpful you still are to us. We all raved about your class and have told our school about it which I know sends girls every year now. The most important thing you taught us we all agreed on was self assurance and that we had the knowledge, you just helped us believe in ourselves. We all believe you are the main reason we have been RDH's since 2001, and they wanted me to thank you again next time we wrote. I just wanted to share that with you in case your ears were burning last night." L.I., NC.

“For all foreign graduates, this is a MUST course to prepare you for the National Board Exams!!!! It will guide you in a step by step format and organize your studies in a comprehensive manner, that will make the process much more systematic” Ingrid, Florida.

"Jane can tell you herself, I was a nervous wreck before my FL law/ethics exam. I tried to read the actual FL Law online and gave up- it was too lengthy and wordy. Jane's Laws & Ethics course was worth every penny! She wrote it in a way I could understand. I made flashcards and studied the highlighted items. Test anxiety seems to be my greatest enemy, but with each question answered on the exam I got calmer and more relaxed because I knew all the answers! I couldn't have done with without her :)" Brette H FL


"Jane can tell you herself, I was a nervous wreck before my FL law/ethics exam. I tried to read the actual FL Law online and gave up- it was too lengthy and wordy. Jane's Laws & Ethics course was worth every penny! She wrote it in a way I could understand. I made flashcards and studied the highlighted items. Test anxiety seems to be my greatest enemy, but with each question answered on the exam I got calmer and more relaxed because I knew all the answers! I couldn't have done with without her :)" Brette H FL

"Dear Jane: I just received your email and nervously logged onto the DOH website to check my score. I passed the clinical with a perfect score! I would not have done it without you! I followed all of your tips for the clinical exam. Because of you, I was able to walk into that exam with confidence. Also, thank you for creating such a great Laws and Rules course. I know that if it wasn't for you, I would not have been adequately prepared for the exam and pass with a high score. I am so appreciative for what you do to help hygienists and students in this profession." SMcQ. NY/FL (Florida law review comment)

"I am VERY appreciative of all the tips and guidance in the course materials and for your support every step of the way. Most people who take the Laws and Rules test CANNOT AFFORD TO FAIL. The time lost in a re-take is generally much more expensive than the cost of a good prep course (yours). I don't think anyone can be confident about this test without your course and the pass rates going it alone must be dismal. People need to know that if they take your course and follow your instructions they WILL PASS. Your course is worth MUCH MORE than you charge. THANK YOU !!" Dr. V.R. FL (Florida law review comment)

"Hi Jane! I was the happiest person on earth when i received your call. I just couldn't believe that i had passed the Florida Boards. And i have you to thank!! With out you i couldn't have done it. All your material and emotional support was great!! It helped me sooo much! It was so nice to know that someone was waiting down there for me, to help me. I felt so much more at ease knowing that i knew you were going to be there. Thank you so much!!" J.S., WI (Florida law review comment)

"Thank you so much for personally calling me to notify me that I passed the Boards. I want to thank you again because I know I would not have made it if it had not been for you." A.S., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated ALL of your help and to let you know your review class was wonderful. Your booklet made it so much easier to study. " K.V. MD, FL (Florida law review comment)

"Just wanted to send you a thank you for all your help. I would have been really lost with-out you and really needed your moral support and friendly face." L.S. NY/FL (Florida law review comment)

"It was a pleasure to meet you. I want to tell you THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I took the written test today and I felt very well, although, it had many tricks. Your course was very important for me." J.S., Medellin, SA (Florida law review comment)

"It was a pleasure to finally meet you in Gainesville this past week. I'd like to take a moment to thank you and everyone you introduced me to during my stay in Gainesville for helping make taking the Florida DH boards much less stressful than it could have been. Your course was absolutely essential for helping me understand the dental laws in Florida. I will certainly recommend it to anyone I know who may be taking the FL boards in the future. You are truly an angel in disguise." J.P., NC (Florida law review comment)

"I took your course yesterday. Justed wanted to say thank you because it was really helpful. I couldn't imagine having to read the law book on my own...I would have gone insane!!" SW, FL (Florida law review comment)

"I felt that your course Sat. was very beneficial, thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in Gainesville. H.S., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I want to thank you for your information for the laws written exam as well as your support. I don't think I would have passed the written if it wasn't for your helpful information. I have to tell you that what you do for the hygienists is very much appreciated and comforting, especially during that very stressful time. It has been a pleasure. Thanks again." C.E. , FL (Florida law review comment)

"Thank you for all of your help. I would not have passed had it not been for your prep class that simplified the law handbook." C.M., D.C., FL (Florida law review comment)

"Thank you so very much again for all your help in Gainesville. I can honestly say I don't think I (or any other girl) could have done it without you." M.D., MA (Florida law review comment)

"You are a very special person, Jane and I am very honored and priveliged to have met you and become friends. My experience with you and your course was so much more than a course...........even if I never practice in Florida, it was so worthwhile to me." D.B., IL (Florida law review comment)

"Hi , Jane I was very happy to see you again, in specially learning from you so much .thank you to your knowledge. today I understood very well , the course is great, also the instructions you gave us . they are very important for examination test." D.V., FL (Florida law review comment)

"WHAT A WONDERFUL SEMINAR!!!! I can only say that you are passionate about your work and it shows." C. K., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and kindness up at boards!! I felt like I had known you for ever. You really helped me keep my head screwed on straight through the whole stressful ordeal. Your moral support alone was well worth taking your class. By the way, your review was awesome!! You're the greatest, Thanks again." K.C., FL (Florida law review comment)

"Thanks to you I passed the Board with flying colors!! Thank You again for all of your help and encouragement along the long way to getting to the Boards. " T.K., NV (Florida law review comment)

"Jane, this license is thanks to you. You have been my big support. Thank you very much for all." J.S., South America (Florida law review comment)

"I want to thank you for everything, you really helped me a lot.", F.E., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I have no words to say thank you because of what you did for me and I still thinking that your an angel. Thanks and god bless you" A.A., FL (Florida law review comment)

"Jane, again a "Big Thank You" for the NationalBoard, State Licence and all informations and courses that you gave me..." M. D., FL (Florida law and National Board review comment)


"Hey there Jane!! Thank you again so much for helping me to pass the Dec 2001 FL board!! I couldn't believe it. 95% written and 100% clinical!!! I owe it all to you! I have a new email address, please keep me informed. I always love to see comments in Journals from you! Thank you for keeping me motivated! Take care"...K.P., VA (Florida law review comment)

"Just wanted to send you a note to let you know (in case you didn't already) that I passed all my tests with flying colors...and all thanks to you and your great help! Seriously, I know I definitely wouldn't have passed the State Laws test without your wonderful study guide/lecture, and probably not the clinical portion. I really feel blessed that I was one of the lucky ones to have passed without difficulty. I have to admit I was skeptical about needing your services in the beginning, but thank goodness I didn't try to 'skimp' and just go it alone." A very grateful M.A., NH and FL (Florida law review comment)

"I went to one of your National Board review courses and I took the Fl law course in Gainsville with you. I was an assistant for 16 years before I went to hygiene school. I appreciate the knowledge and support I received from you personally. Thanks Jane!" A.S., GA (Florida law review comment)

"I just wanted to say Thanks so much for all your help and support. I felt that the course review was very helpful, I passed the law test and I was very comfortable during the test. I felt support from you for being there when we most needed it. I will recommend this review to anyone that will be in Florida taking the test." P.F., MA (Florida law review comment)

"Thank you for all your help. Yours courses did a lot to help me and everyone else. Keep up the great work it is really helpful. " S.B., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I was so glad to have taken your law review course earlier. I sat at the orientation meeting on Thursday night in peace and rest. Thank you for being there for me and all the other candidates. A BIG HUG FOR YOU! ! " P.S., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and your help over the last 5 months. I have never met anyone who answered questions so thoroughly or quickly. I honestly feel that I could not have made it through the test taking process without you. I also met so many nice, quality hygienists, and a number of foreign-trained dentists at your course. Everyone was so supportive of one another. You and the folks affiliated with FDLS were so wonderful to deal with. Even the monitors and other people working at the clinicals were extremely nice and understanding. Although the whole experience was exhausting, I have to say it was one of best experiences I ever had, and that is because the people running the show were terrific. I just can't say enough nice things. Thanks again."  A.M., PA (Florida law review comment)

"Thank you for all of your help. You made all of this possible for me. I could not have done it without your guidance!" J.J., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I wanted to thank you again for all your help and support during this trying time. Your course was wonderful, as was your patience with all of us crazy applicants. I will happily recommend you and your course to anyone looking to obtain a Florida Dental Hygiene license.". A. R., FL (Florida law review comment)

"Thank you so much for your information , I am very happy to take this course because you really are organized and responsible person , and effective and clear in your job. I appreciate it. The best for you."  L.M., FL (Florida law review comment)

"I passed the written Florida Laws . I am sure I would not have succeed without your help! Thanks again. M.N., FL (Florida law review comment)

"Just wanted to thank you again for everything I was so impressed with your courses Thank you Jane ! You really are awesome! Warm fuzzy, warm fuzzy!! M.C., IN (Florida law review comment)

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