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MY DENTAL HYGIENE NATIONAL BOARD REVIEW COURSE ALSO FOCUSES ON THE COMPUTER SIMULATED TEST AND THE NERB COMPUTERIZED TEST FOR THOSE WHO NEED TO REVIEW TO BE PREPARED FOR THESE EXAMS. This course typically is a 2 1/2 day weekend course which covers the important subject areas in an organized manner. The course format includes a study guide along with proven lectures.

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MY FLORIDA STATE DENTAL OR DENTAL HYGIENE BOARD LAW COURSE is a proven homestudy course and covers the important laws and rules that the Florida Laws and Jurisprudence Exam address. Along with the law review material I also include tips and advice for the clinical hands-on portion of the Florida Board including perio and prophylaxis/root planing.  Special attention is paid as to how to make your patient "board examiner perfect."

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Your chances of passing the boards are greatly increased by attending a proven intensive pre-exam formal review (Nationals Only) or registering for one of my proven homestudy courses (State Only). If you have any questions please
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Co author of : Saunder's Review of Dental Hygiene, Second  Edition, 2009, with Margaret Fehrenbach

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Contains a NEW interactive CD-ROM with full-length simulated exam, along with puzzles and informative illustrated programs. It includes an updated “testlet” case study format. It is written in user friendly summary mode. It is fully modeled after the specific NBDH exam guidelines. It comes from two respected dental hygiene educators knowledgeable about the NBDHE.


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 "Thank you so much for all your help Jane! Your board review course was awesome,

especially for me being out of school for 25 years.

I could not get through this process of obtaining my Florida license without you.

You are fabulous! Thank you again! "  Donna Test